Freedom is not as good as it seems

A completely freedom life is something that we all obsessed about. 

Many of my friends are struggling to find their own freedom. It becomes so desireful since many people do not have enough freedom as they wish for. They can not put themself first when making desicions because it always needs to take parent, children, a stable life, a better future… into consideration. What a nightmare that we only have one life but can not completely control it. If I do not my fight for my freedom this time, would I be regret later?

However I’ve always believed that many of us are seeking for freedom but not truly understand the meaning of it.

I losted my parent couple of years ago, in a positive way, it means I do not have to take familly into consideration. I’m free to pursuit my career or the guy I love, buy a house or go traveling. Whatever I love to as if I have enough capacity for it.

And then I’ve realized one thing from my freedom: it’s important to get success, but it’s even more important to have someone who happy for your success and painfull when you get hurt. When your achievements or your losts mean something to someone.

An unfreedom life sucks but a life without things holding you back is not a good life as well.

Without all mirrors of feeling around, we can not see your exist. A complete freedom life is an invisible life. If I do this way or that way, does anyone really care about? It is said that do not let anyone decide your happiness, but in fact no one be happy by their own.

The worth of freedom is you would be please to sacrifice some of it to see your life reflected on other’s mirrors of feeling. We feel our exists.

Many out there are getting stuck in one life and looking for another life, the one that they can live for what they are truly in love with . It’s good if you’re seeking for a more freedom life, but it’s even better If you know what your freedom is for. Some of my friends fighted and got the freedom they want, but then they did not know what to do with their freedom.

And if you feel like many things are holding you back, be clearly aware of  what you sacrifice your freedom for. 

A freedom life does not lead to a happy life.  A happy life is having some worthy things that you ready to sacrifice your freedom for.

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